Friday, July 31, 2009

Of course there is one for Molly too. Embellishments and paper are made with Suncolour, read about it on my website Rainbows End Studios Follow the link in my list
I made this for My beautiful Sian , she does so well at adapting to all the changes I keep making in her life.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Yet Another Nutkin Tailz Designs inspired page!

Another page using Nutkin Tailz Designs Imbolc Inspirations Kit available from Digital Craft Cottage from August 1st Just follow the link in my list

Imbolc Inspirations New Kit by Nutkin Tailz Designs!

I made this page using Nutkin Tailz designs beautiful new kit Imbolc Inspirations due to be released at Digital Craft Cottage on August 1st Just follow the link in my list to purchase.
The beautiful art work in this page was done by Heather Sullivan Bleasdale

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Brand New Freebee Kit

Ok I have decided a quick page is far too limiting for all you creative Scrapbookers out there so I have put together a kit. You may make you own creations to celebrate Imbolc and honour the return of the Goddess I f you would like the kit the download links are availiable from The Rainbows End Website just follow the link in my list
Blessed Be.
Another Page to celebrate the upcoming Imbolc. The wheel of the year is turning and we are approaching Spring!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Quick Page Freebee for Imbolc

I have had a play around and made a quick page for scrapping based on my Imbolc Page using my own art work and elements Its a PNG all ready to add your own image and text If you would like to give it a go follow this link;
its my first effort at shareing my scrap art
August 1st is Imbolc and the Goddess returns to the earth after her winter rest. She will emerge as a maiden bringing all the promise of spring

Thursday, July 23, 2009

These paintings and pages were created with Suncolour! Try and buy Suncolour availiable from Rainbows End Studios website find it on my links list

Another Nutkin Tailz Designs made page!

When we lived in NSW a lovely couple in a handmade caravan came to camp by our front gate. My girls made great friends with them and their horses They had coffee and scones on our front verandah every day of the week long visit it was a great experience. Made with Nutkin Tailz Designs, Herbal Grimoire Kit availiable from Digital Craft Cottage, just follow the link on my list Great Value for a beautiful kit!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This page was made for my beautiful Father who passed away in 2005 This photo was taken by my sister on his 66th birthday not long before he was diagnosed with the throat cancer that was to take his life. I love you Dad. The page was made with Nutkin Tailz Designs , wonderful kit "All About Men" Now availiable at Digtial Craft Cottage Just follow the link in my list.
"The Herbalist"
I made this page using "NUTKIN TAILZ DESIGNS " beautiful "Herbal Grimore" kit this is availiable at "Digital Craft Cottage" from today check it out.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Maryborough Workshop

My sister Glen and I had a lovely time yesterday we attended a workshop in Maryborough and made these fun little Jamacian Ladies. Was not really high art but a great technique that leads to all sorts of inspiration for other ideas.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rainbows End Studios website is now online and can be accessed through the link on the right hand side of this blog come and browse through our gallery or search for a gift for that special friend in our market place Soon to be added an online shopping cart. LOL I had fun learning how to make this website and it is the first one I have ever done.

Monday, July 13, 2009

So Proud

Wow I can't believe it in less than 24 hours I have learn't to make a blog and a website. Thanks to help and hints from my good friends at the pot! I would just like to make a point of congratulating Nutkin Tailz Designs for being asked to be a designer with a scrapbooking site Stayed tuned for more news on this and a link to her blog WTG!


Goddess of love, symbolic of, the creation of beauty and art, sensual delights and self- adornment.

Her symbols are mirrors, jewelry, honey, golden silks and feather fans.

Creativity in decorating home and temple is a way of honoring Oshun, who will bless any beautiful space created in Her honour. There is no object so common that Oshun will not appreciate more if it is made artistic and pleasing to the eye.

.She is married to àngó, the god of thunder, and is his favorite wife because of her excellent cooking skills. One of his other wives, Oba, was her rival. They are the goddesses of the Oshun and Oba rivers, which meet in a turbulent place with difficult rapids.


Is an Ancient Egyptian goddess who represents the principles of feminine love, motherhood and joy.. Hathor, was worshiped by Royalty and common people alike in whose tombs she is depicted as “Mistress of the West” welcoming the dead into the next life. She was a goddess of music, dance, foreign lands and fertility who helped women in childbirth.


Athena, is known as the Greek goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industry, justice and skill. She was the favorite child of Zeus. Athena's claimed the Greek city of Athens as her own. She gifted it the olive tree, it gave the people food, oil and wood.

Athena was born fully grown from her father’s head, after he had swallowed her mother, Metis. Metis during this time made a robe and a helmet for her daughter. Athena emerged wearing her mother’s gifts. The owl is attributed to Athena and is often seen accompanying her.


"she who destroys the light”

Greek Mythology tells us the story of a beautiful young maiden, her name is Persephone. Daughter of,
Zeus and Demeter, she is known as the goddess of the harvest. Her beauty was so remarkable the lord of the underworld, desired her. Happily and innocently gathering flowers one day Hades rose up from the underworld and abducted her. Only Zeus, and the observant sun, Helios, had noticed it. In despair, Demeter searched the earth, looking for her child until Helios revealed what had happened. Demeter plunged into depression, causing the Earth to wither and stagnate. Zeus sent, his son, Hermes down to Hades to make him release Persephone. Hades agreed, but before she went back he gave Persephone the seeds of a pomegranate, when she ate them, she bound eternally to the underworld and she had to descend to it for one-third of the year. The other months she stayed with her mother. When Persephone visited Hades, Demeter refused to let anything grow and winter began.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

These silk scarves and tarot boxes will be availiable from my new up and comming Rainbows End Website where you can purchase art work and the medium I use to create this amazing look Its called Sun colour . It is a wonderful experience to use it, and you dont have to be a proffessional artist to appreciate its unique qualities. any person who loves to have a go will find this an inspiring product to use. My website will have full instructions.
This painting was made in honour of my beautiful parents who are singing with the Angels now