Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me :)

Today is my 55th Birthday Wow 40 years ago I never considered what it would be like to get to here Now I am I don't feel any older well that is stretching it a bit because after five kids a divorce and two failed relationships guess I really am 55. For the people who personally know me they know that this has been one hell of a year for me, one I never want to go through ever again Today marks the end of that time for me and the beginning of a new chapter, In a few short weeks the girls and I are heading on our way to Darwin , forever the gypsy I will make towards our northern shores to the place I love best in this country and to a new life.
Getting back to the birthday I have been spoiled my children gave me these lovely presents this morning Well Molly, Naomi and darling granddaughter Lila did. My Siani is cooking me a birthday cake for her gift to me and I got loving daughter hugs all round  Molly gave me the lovely ladybird tea service Lila a lovely glass box with a silver gecko on it (Just right for my Motherpeace tarot cards) Naomi gave me the most beautiful pewter key with a fairy on it On the box is inscribed;
In a glade within the woods 
there is a place that may be found
at a certain time 
on a special day you may 
discover it, so they say
a secret garden hidden so well
that only the fairies know
where to dwell
so use this key and keep a close eye
so that maybe one day
you'll find where they play
This is so delightful I am going to use it as a key ring for my new home in Darwin.

Another Birthday Goodie I got last night was my cushion cover from the Punky and Me 2011 Cushion swap
 I absolutely love this cushion it is so bright and cheerful It came across the pond from New Zealand from Greta from ON TOP OF A LILY PAD blogspot. I cant believe its the first cushion cover she has ever made and although she says the small floating heart is to cover a blemish ion the fabric I love it from a design angle All the best designs are born of a need to be inventive. Thank you Greta How lucky am I to get this in time for my birthday

Speaking of Cushion swaps Kylie from A Little Red Dress has posted a pic of the one I sent her I received the message this morning thank you Kylie for letting me know and I stole the pic of hers as you know I forgot to take pics before it left all the lovely embellishments on the photo are done by Kylie.

Well I am off to enjoy the rest of my day :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh Crap!! My catchphrase ATM

The last couple of months have been full on for me so much happening its hard to keep track of the days and events So When Vic emailed me on Monday and said it was posting day for the cushion cover swap over at Punky and Me. I said "Oh Crap!" Mind you my cover was made sewing and dyeing and printing have been my refuge from the madness! But living so far out of town meant I had to wait to the next day to post it! Anyway yesterday I happily expressed posted it and scribbled a hasty note (apologies) to my swappee, The guy at the post office must have been in the same addled frame of mind as me for today I received my receipt and tracking number in the mail (he forgot to give it to me) or maybe my addledness was infectious! Today I realized I did not take a pic and went "Oh Crap!" again
So I have gathered some of the left over patches and offcuts and made a composite to show It does not resemble the finished design but at least you can see the colours and prints all the fabric is homespun that I sun coloured and screen printed I used a Seminole patchwork technique to put it all together and must say its conception and construction gave me great pleasure I truly hope the recipient enjoys it too Thank you for the opportunity to take part and despite my scatterbrained actions I had a ball!