Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Fabric in Store

Indigo dyeing is extensively practiced in Asian countries It is the colour of choice for farmers and princes alike What better choice of image to print over a beautiful Shibori dyed fabric than a wonderful buddhist blessing and a golden Mandalas  This fabric is a 100% Colorado stretch knit Its a quality fabric suitable for easy sew garments. It is named "Sacred Indigo" and can be found in my Congo Store

Also "Flying high" which is pictured in my previous post is 100% homespun cotton This print is 112cm x .5 metre and is bargained priced at only $10.00

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Indigo The Queen of Dyes

Lack of Sunshine and a few other disruptions to my studio have meant that sun printing is not an option right now. So I have revisited my old friend "Indigo" This is my very favourite dye to use on its own or combined with other dye types Indgo is indeed the reigning Monarch. In the old world of  Asia, and Africa natural indigo was used and indeed in many provinces is still today. I had a lovely time back in 1992 visiting all the tiny provinces in Thailand where this dye stuff is the life blood of the artisans Whole villages were developed around one type of craft, dyeing, basket making, pottery , paper making and many more. The visits to the indigo and weaving villages were my favourite. It was incredible to watch the women and men tying the threads for Ikat weaving I have never seen hands move so fast in my life Then to watch these tiny intricate patterns emerge on the weaving loom was nothing short of amazing.
Anyway I had better stop rambling my in  indigo pieces I have used Shibori The Japanese term for tie dye and then I will print on some of the pieces. I have completed one small half metre of homespun with my honeyeater design

There is more information about Indigo and a recipe on my website in the Techniques page, just scroll down past the Sun print info and you will find it

Friday, April 16, 2010

Half Metre Homespuns on Sale

Normally I sell a half metre print of Homespun 100% cotton prints for $15.00 each but I have decided to put them on Sale at $10.00 each or all three for $25.00 Thats an absolute bargain because a one metre print of homespun sells for $25.00 normally.Postage is extra If you would like to buy these three prints visit my Congo Store also why not check out the other lovely products by other Crafty Mamas while you are there

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Fabrics in Congo Cart

Seems like a long while since I have posted or even printed School Holidays my beginning a new relationship and some medication woes concerning my daughters Autism all contributed to a slight hiccup in the flow of things However I'm back!
I recently purchased some lovely Colorado 100% cotton knit suitable for tops t's and any other projects requiring a good quality stretch cotton. I have completed two and added to the shop I have another on the table I am planning to print more Koi on that I intend to purchase some more tomorrow and complete a couple more next week Anyway pop in and have a look at my shop and also check out the lovely bargains other wonderful Crafty Mamas have in their stores! 

 Julie Ann