Friday, November 18, 2011

A Good Day in the Studio

I have an arts council stall this weekend and have been asked also to put some of my work in a local artists co-operative. So I have been busy in my newly rearranged studio whipping up some fabrics At first it was not going so well I found some of my older screens and block prints while I was rearranging the stdio space and wanted to use them with my sun-printing. In the past these images were used in conjunction with different dye backgrounds and some were from past bodies of work of varied themes. I guess the differences threw me for a little while and I seemed to be making some awful image and colour choices. However after a coffee the creative instinct kicked in and I fixed things!!! These are the results and i am very happy with them I loved using the block prints again after so long I think I will have to cut some more and after stepping over my chooks all morning to print I decided I needed to draw them and put them on a screen or block to play with

Monday, November 7, 2011

Buttons Buttons Buttons!!!

Remember those disperse (polysol) dyed buttons? Well here is a little project I just whipped up with a headband I made and some of those buttons!

Cute Hey?
 Go to my tute page to see how to dye them I found the tute for the flowers in a magazine Its just a matter of using a really good glue, Craft or hot glue gun Glue them to a felt backing and hand stitch with clear thread for extra strength. If you accidently glue over the holes it does not take too much pressure to get the needle through Be sure to leave the flower undisturbed for 24 hours to let the glue harden completely

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Congo Store Grand Re-Opening

Brand New Fabrics restocked in the newly reopened Congo cart store The Gypsy Caravan! Go and check for those beautifully handcrafted fabric to make your individual unique gifts for Christmas There are also some special handmade items as well All unique and reasonably priced Check it out today and while you are there browse through the lovely handcrafted jewelry availiable in Beaute Beads store

Sunday, October 30, 2011

When White Just Wont Do

To see how to dye plastic habby fitting to these intense colours visit my Dye Tutorials page

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More Polysol Fun!!

Last week we dyed buttons! This week we are using the same dyetype to make transfer prints go and check it on on my dye tutorial page its great fun

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Frills and bows and bags

I'm having fun printing ,dyeing and making up patterns for bags Frills are all the go So I made this one I showed you last week Its made from homespun an is suitable as an everyday tote.
So this week I decided to make something more for evening I sunprinted some polyester made up the cascades and rolled hemmed the edges I then used purple satin as the main body There is sunprinted satin in it too
I am in the process of drawing up pdf patterns for both Stay tuned.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Into the Dyepot again

Just showing off some new fabric just completed in my brand new place They are going to look fab made up and teamed with my new dyed buttons

New Dye Tutorial Page

I have moved Yayy!! We are finally settled in our lovely new cottage and I have been busy setting up my creative spaces. I have my sewing area, two printing spaces and two places for painting and designing. Well, we have found, its such a great town lots of vibrant markets and creative people My daughter Molly and I are headlong into production we plan to have a market stall in a couple of months or so. I am into fabric dyeing and printing in full swing and am making some of it into upmarket bags such as this little number. It has an interior change pocket as well as a small pocket for your mobile phone. Molly loves it and I'm hoping it will appeal to the teen age group.

I am in the process of making downloadable pdf patterns and tutes for my bags they will be able soon for a very small price and I also am producing cd's to sell from our stall. I have started a new tutorial page on this blog I have just uploaded the instructions for the very funky process of dyeing buttons I will be using these as embellishments on some of my bags and Molly has been using them to produce some very stunning Jewelry Go and check it out they are just gorgeous! So back to my tute page instructions and dye types are all listed go and have some fun Tutes to follow soon will be Indigo, Rust and Tannic, Fibre Reactives and Direct Dyes.

Check out how to dye buttons here! or follow the link in the page list on the right hand side of this page

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me :)

Today is my 55th Birthday Wow 40 years ago I never considered what it would be like to get to here Now I am I don't feel any older well that is stretching it a bit because after five kids a divorce and two failed relationships guess I really am 55. For the people who personally know me they know that this has been one hell of a year for me, one I never want to go through ever again Today marks the end of that time for me and the beginning of a new chapter, In a few short weeks the girls and I are heading on our way to Darwin , forever the gypsy I will make towards our northern shores to the place I love best in this country and to a new life.
Getting back to the birthday I have been spoiled my children gave me these lovely presents this morning Well Molly, Naomi and darling granddaughter Lila did. My Siani is cooking me a birthday cake for her gift to me and I got loving daughter hugs all round  Molly gave me the lovely ladybird tea service Lila a lovely glass box with a silver gecko on it (Just right for my Motherpeace tarot cards) Naomi gave me the most beautiful pewter key with a fairy on it On the box is inscribed;
In a glade within the woods 
there is a place that may be found
at a certain time 
on a special day you may 
discover it, so they say
a secret garden hidden so well
that only the fairies know
where to dwell
so use this key and keep a close eye
so that maybe one day
you'll find where they play
This is so delightful I am going to use it as a key ring for my new home in Darwin.

Another Birthday Goodie I got last night was my cushion cover from the Punky and Me 2011 Cushion swap
 I absolutely love this cushion it is so bright and cheerful It came across the pond from New Zealand from Greta from ON TOP OF A LILY PAD blogspot. I cant believe its the first cushion cover she has ever made and although she says the small floating heart is to cover a blemish ion the fabric I love it from a design angle All the best designs are born of a need to be inventive. Thank you Greta How lucky am I to get this in time for my birthday

Speaking of Cushion swaps Kylie from A Little Red Dress has posted a pic of the one I sent her I received the message this morning thank you Kylie for letting me know and I stole the pic of hers as you know I forgot to take pics before it left all the lovely embellishments on the photo are done by Kylie.

Well I am off to enjoy the rest of my day :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh Crap!! My catchphrase ATM

The last couple of months have been full on for me so much happening its hard to keep track of the days and events So When Vic emailed me on Monday and said it was posting day for the cushion cover swap over at Punky and Me. I said "Oh Crap!" Mind you my cover was made sewing and dyeing and printing have been my refuge from the madness! But living so far out of town meant I had to wait to the next day to post it! Anyway yesterday I happily expressed posted it and scribbled a hasty note (apologies) to my swappee, The guy at the post office must have been in the same addled frame of mind as me for today I received my receipt and tracking number in the mail (he forgot to give it to me) or maybe my addledness was infectious! Today I realized I did not take a pic and went "Oh Crap!" again
So I have gathered some of the left over patches and offcuts and made a composite to show It does not resemble the finished design but at least you can see the colours and prints all the fabric is homespun that I sun coloured and screen printed I used a Seminole patchwork technique to put it all together and must say its conception and construction gave me great pleasure I truly hope the recipient enjoys it too Thank you for the opportunity to take part and despite my scatterbrained actions I had a ball!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Beaute Beads Is Doing it again

FREE GIVE AWAY! Winner recieves FREE choice of item from Beaute Beads Congo Store!

There is a FREE Giveaway here at Beaute Beads!

All you have to do is comment on this post and if your comment number is drawn you win a FREE jewellery item of choice from the Beaute Beads Congo Store!
Pop along to Here and enter

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cushion Swap 2011

I have just joined a Cushion Swap over at Punky and Me If you want to join up race over and read all about It I love making Cushion covers and I have some great fabric to do it with Lots of printing left overs Should be great fun!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Products in The Gypsy Caravan

I have just posted my Altar Cloths and a couple of Tarot Card Boxes in my store I have decided the Wheel of the Year Cloths and other magical tools will be named FABRICS OF FAITH under my Rainbows End Banner

I have some lovely crystal and rune bags to post later this week In the meantime drop into my store and have a browse

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Samhain Printed

I have finished two altar/table runners for Samhain Celebrations. It's coming up to that turn in the Wheel of the Year here in the Southern Hemisphere I have also made two for Marbon as well I will be releasing them into The Gypsy Caravan later Tonight Yule is next on my list , but I thought that I might make some for our Northern neighbours and play with some Beltane images

Friday, April 8, 2011

Harvest Moon

I have been playing with new images based on Mabon and the change of seasons I am really pleased with this piece of fabric I completed this morning. I printed it using a corn dolly (Made from wheat stalks) a Harvest Moon , St Bridgid's Cross and small wheat stalks These are not my usual colours of choice to print with but I loved the mixing of the autumn tones and the way it all came together. I have decided I'd like to do some more based on the Wheel Of the Year theme Samhain is next and the images and colours of this spoke will be another step away from my usual palette

This fabric was created for a special purpose so has been earmarked to go off somewhere other than The Gypsy Caravan However as soon as the Autumn Sun shows itself here again I will sun dye some more to print and add to my store.

Spoonflower Swatches Arrive

Well after what seems to be an eternity my fat quarters of the Miss Rose's fabric from Spoonflower finally have made their appearance They look OK however the wording on two of them seem to be a little fuzzy I am not sure why Maybe I need to pay closer attention in Photoshop It was exciting to have them finally turn up it seems such a long process. Now what to make? Any Suggestions? I think I will make my motifs smaller and closer together in subsequent designs it really is hard to judge until they are finally printed. Of course doing a print on paper may have shown me this but II was my usual self and in one hell of a hurry to dash something off.
The time involved in the ordering and finally receiving is a bit off putting considering the price of the fabric However I have a new grandson due in June and I think I would like to do some designs especially for him. Something that would be too time consuming for me to do by hand printing

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beaute Beads Half Price Sale

Beaute Beads is having a half price sale on our Congo Cart store at The Gypsy Caravan Go and collect some lovely handmade original bargains all lovingly made by Molly

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Inspirational Blogger Award

Wow!! I'm honored Carol and Stacy from Intentional Conscious Parenting have bestowed this award on me! Its fabulous Thank you so much Go and visit their blog its informative and inspirational! I love visiting and reading all they have to say! Now I must choose three myself Wow! thats hard I read so many wonderful blogs!
1. Original Art By Griselda This ladies beautiful Spirit dolls inspire and delight me I am just venturing into this area of textiles now and would love to one day create anything nearly as wonderful

2.Sacred Arts I love this ladies work It is colourful and joyous and I just love to visit and soak up all the auras!

3. Beaute Beads  Ok you can accuse me of being biased here but this charming beautiful 14 year old with Aspergers Syndrome is talented, focused and full of creative flair She is my own beautiful daughter who works so hard to overcome obstacles that others can only guess at! She has created her blog and her own little creative business all by herself! She is my inspiration!

Congratulations all and don't forget to pass on the love by choosing your three deserving winners!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Gypsy Caravan is now Trading!

Our new shopping mall with Congo Cart has now opened! We are featuring textiles from Rainbow's End Studios and jewelery from the fabulous Beaute Beads Drop in here! and check us out! Lots of lovely bargains and new artists will be joining us soon!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Give away Winners for Miss Rose's Garden

Hi everyone just had a random draw for my giveaway The draw revealed....... drum roll.............Clair!...............Rogue! and....................Carol and Stacy! congrats ladies I will be in contact in the next day or so for ad's to send.....................don't despair if you missed out I have some Mis Rose's Garden fabric due soon from Spoonflower I am going to make it up into the next giveaway so stay tuned....and congrats to the winners once again!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Playing in Spoonflower

I have been playing around in Spoonflower with the Miss rose's Garden images I am ordering some proof fat quarters to view before I can list them for sale. I may make them up into the next giveaway once they arrive. Once they are available to the public I will list them here

Monday, February 28, 2011

Free Giveaway Miss Rose's Garden!

Today I have not one but three giveaways!!! One copy of each story will be given away to three different lucky people Simply leave a comment on my blog for a chance to win one of these lovely children's books. For a Chance to also win an illustration printed on archival quality paper suitable for framing, write a promotion on your blog and link it to mine, let me know you have done this in your comment
 The winners will be announced on March 15th! Good luck

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Miss Rose's Garden

Hi everyone it's been sometime since I wrote on my blog. I went through a small blocked spell for a few months but i'm back now I have been working on illustrations for a series of Children's book written by Liz Potts I am pleased to say they are completed and published and available for sale at Lulu on online publishing company Just click on the links at the side of my blog to view and purchase They are lovely simple stories designed to help children cope with some life obstacles, I must say I had a lovely time doing the illustrations for them