Friday, February 5, 2010

Reusable 5cm drafting paper

How to make your own 5cm Reusable Drafting Graph Paper
This is a simple idea to make drafting paper that you can write on with a white board marker and wipe clean to use over and over again.

Recently at the oppie I came across a beautiful book Little Clothes for Little People by Lia van Steenderen Printed in 1987 by Exley.
The book cost me all of two dollars and was full of gorgeous children’s clothes patterns
displayed, via 5cm grids.
Now for the dilemma, apart from the fact I could not buy grid paper in that size locally and after paying such a low amount for the book I was not in the mood to pay for a stack of paper. I certainly did not want to go to the bother to draw up a grid for every pattern piece either (Not on my list of favourite things to do!).
So got the old grey matter churning and purchased a roll of contact. I actually bought two, one was marked with squares and numbers and lots of writing on the back; however the other one was marked in red squares only in blocks of 45 x 50 cms Perfect!

Number the small squares across the top and down the sides of the paper It will make it easier to rule up.

5 x5 of these red squares make a 5cm block
Rule up your squares in a contrasting pen colour

Cut another piece of contact 45cm x 51 cm. Allow your self a little extra to line up the plastic with your paper base.

Use a ruler to help adhere the contact evenly to the paper a few small creases make very little difference so don’t panic if your first one is not perfect. Trim any excess contact at the edges.

Draw up your pattern piece

Trace off your pattern
You can use tracing
Paper I actually use
vilene I find it more durable

Wipe clean and start again with the next piece 

These are so quick and inexpensive to make. Make up at least 4 and you can sticky tape them together to draw up larger patterns.
Also they just roll up and store in a draw until you need them

I am going to make up a whole lot of those lovely patterns Hope this helps you too



  1. Brilliant Idea!! Thank you for sharing

  2. Great idea!! I was looking at that contact as well, I was thinking of doing the same thing I want to draft out a doll that has 2.5cm squares, what stopped me was my drawing not a good at drawing.

  3. Brilliant, my brain is already churning with ideas to use this for. thanks for sharing.