Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rainbows End February FB Giveaway

I announced a giveaway on our Facebook page last week, and tonight I draw it! It was hard so many of you are such loyal fans and customers I researched some of those random generator thingys that can choose a name for you but honestly they were beyond me So not to be defeated I printed all the names from my followers list, then cut them up and put them in a jar( took me over an hour :) ). Then I got my 16 year old to draw the name and....................................wait ..............for it..........................Melynda Made!.....You are our lucky winner Taaa daaa!.....I will be in contact :) and as for the rest of my loyal followers do not be disheartened I will be opening my shop soon and I will be having another giveaway coinciding with that opening. So congratulations Melynda 1 metre of Rainbows End Studios print...Garden of Heavenly Delights coming your way>>>:)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Creating on the West Coast!

Cannot believe it has been 11 months since I have written in here! Rainbows End has had a big year!
We have relocated from rainy Queensland to sunny Perth! A big move but one that brings us home to family and friends. Finally this week I have started to print again! Been a long time coming and it makes me so happy, nothing is more soul soothing than playing with the spectrum of colours and creating new designs. I have many new designs to play with as the bulk of my studio equipment is still in storage in Hervey Bay waiting for a lotto win or other good fortunes to relocate it to here.
I am hoping by the end of this printing run in a week or so to reopen the Rainbows End store, also there are some exciting plans being penned for the new studio, I hope before this year is finished to bring a new way of tutoring to the Rainbows End followers and pass on some of my 35 years of experience and training in the textile arts. A new giveaway will be announced this week too so stay tuned.

The garage at our new premises being cleaned and prepared to be a new studio, This space was full of junk and spiders

New Print table, this was a bargan, found the old workbench on gumtree for $30 the top is form ply from Bunnings, the felt was a roll of something? from the op shop for $10 and was enough for two tables. I now have two screen and sun printing tables which will double my production and happiness.