Monday, April 23, 2012

Meylah Store Now Open

Rainbows End will be trading items constructed from Rainbows End Studios Exclusive fabrics at The Meylah Marketplace from now on! Rainbows end designer, fabrics, bindings and patterns can still be purchased in the Blog Store However all other goods including clothing can be found here
First off the rank are aprons for both Children and Mamas, we only have a girls design available in the child's size atm but a boy's design is on the print table as I type.

Also stay tuned to the Blog Store as there will be rainbow dyed Polyresin snaps and buttons available soon
Part 3 Making your screen!!!!
My goodness I was going to post this a week ago but things in our household have been whizzing by in a blur!
Glad the school holidays are over and things can return to semi normal Enjoy part three. Chapter four is all about colour below is a rough and simple plan of the topics I will be covering in the next few weeks In the meantime have fun printing
Cheers Julie




Chapter 1; Making a screen--- Basic instructions how to make a wooden frame and attach the mesh. A basic explanation of mesh types.

Chapter 2; Squeegees, inks, Stencils and printing surface, where to buy how to make alternatives to use.

Chapter 3; Screening with a cut paper stencil, techniques in screening, special effects, Precautions and washout of screen.

Chapter 4.  Three color cut stencil registration Basic colour guide and mixing lesson.

Chapter 5; Registered printing with three stencil design. Applications.

Chapter 6; Designing for repeat patterns.

Chapter 7. The photographic stencil;
  1. What to buy
  2. Darkrooms and alternatives.
  3. How to apply
  4. Exposure, methods and timing, washout, stripper.

Chapter 8. Table registration. Printing lengths.

Chapter 9. Colour Plates. and suppliers.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Part 2 Posted

Homespun printed, using the free stars template I have included as a downloadable stencil, in Part 2

Part 2 of My Screen Printing guide has been posted It will only be up for two days before going to a download as I have Part 3 raring to go

Monday, April 9, 2012

Next BYGSP Back Yard Guide To Screen Printing

The next instalment is almost ready to go I intend to post it on Wednesday Night.
In the meantime if you are following it You may want to join a little artists network group I have called The Rainbow Cafe It is a place where artists can discuss things and post examples of their work! I have started a blog post where you can ask questions during your progress you may also post pics to your own albums of your efforts as you learn.
The Cafe has been a little quiet of late as I have been busy elsewhere It would be nice to have some new members and discussions happening
Regards Julie

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Back Yard Guide To Screen Printing

I have decided to share my 30 years experience with screen printing on Fabric and have made a new page to teach people the basics.
This page is a tester for a book I am planning and I am happy to share my knowledge here if people could do me the courtesy of letting me know if I have not made something clear enough so that I can attempt to clarify it

I have began by showing people how to make a screen the first thing you will need along the way I hope to expose some of the myths connected with this craft and show you it really can be done simply and inexpensively at home without all that fancy expensive equipment.

After all 95% of my printing has been done at home or in a very isolated community I have not always been in a well equipped studio. I will be covering hand cut stencil photographic stencils and alternative techniques to add an image to a screen.

Please feel free to let me know how you are getting on, As I add a new section I will make the previous post a pdf file with a link to download so that you may keep it and so it does not overcrowd the blog. I will add Squeeges, Inks and stencils tomorrow so you can dive right in. Please find the link to the page in the list on the right hand side of the screen.
Happy Printing
Cheers Julie