Sunday, November 14, 2010

Free Give away at Glitzi Beads

My darling talented daughter Molly has started her own little handmade jewelry enterprise She makes the most beautiful earrings and other accessories, i am the proud owner of several items She has just launched herself online  in her own blog for a chance to win a lovely gift just visit her blog and leave a comment You may also like to view the items she has for sale They make unique and lovely gifts for Christmas
Lovely Glass Bead earrings available at Glitzi Beads

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Molly's Foofy

In reading the Crafty Mamas Forum last week I found reference to this The skirts looked so good I wanted to try to make one plus the cooler weather has really inspired me to knit lately. So I looked through my stash of yarns and found I had a variety of different types feather, boucle and others I also managed to buy some odds n ends from the op shop. I had to buy some round needles and I had trouble getting the size I needed I paid and downloaded the instruction from Yarns in the Farms but I adjusted things along the way. I did the tension test Knitted a swatch with some yellow machine washable 100% yellow 12 ply. I measured Molly's waist ( sigh so tiny) It said measure how many stitches in a cm and x it by that to get the number of stitches to cast on 66cm = 132 stitches, Anyway I knitted this on the straight for a few cm's  When I had to use a smaller ply I knitted two yarns together ie; I mixed an 8 ply with a 4 ply Also If I had to use a synthetic thread I made sure I used a wool combined with it . I think if I was the the whole thing in a laundry bag it should be ok as the wool I used stated it was machine washable.Then decided to add a flounce as the needles I started with were only a 4 and my larger round were a 12 There was a considerable difference in the tension So I only increased every 10 stitches for a couple of rows and thought the flounce was wide enough. I cast off very loosely and as I found the tension difference in the 12 ply was very loose with the needle size changeover I threaded a ribbon through that row for extra effect

                 I threaded a black ribbon through the holes in the waist rib and threaded some glass beads on the ends I have to say Molly loves it and was very happy to show it off                                  

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gangsters at Boonooroo

Last Night May 22nd Boonooroo Bowls Club hosted a theme night Gangsters and Mafia This so far has been one of my favourite nights I had the loveliest time sourcing costumes for the family in op shops and making myself a 1920's style dress complete with long gloves feather boa and headdress. My daughter Molly went as Machine Gun Molly a famous bank robber from the fifties My daughter Sian and her Brother Matt were general mob members. They all had a theme of black and red I didn't plan it that way but it seemed everything I found for the costumes fitted that colour scheme. Just great Luck! My partner Troy was the official Machine gun man he mad great machine guns out of bits of pipe and wood an painted them black Originally they all had adult owners apart from Molly's However they were quickly snapped up by all the kids at the club and were a wonderful source of play for them for the rest of the night Of course we had our resident muso James Taylor ( Yes the James Taylor!)  We are lucky enough to have him play at our clubs theme nights as he lives locally

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Huge Savings in My Congo Cart Store

From today till May 24th I have discounted all my hand printed textiles by a massive 50% Be quick and take advantage of these savings!!!

Visit my store here

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Exhibition in Maryborough

I was invited on May 10th to see an exhibition by a group of Maryborough artists and craftspeople who make the most amazing sculptural dolls I was permitted to take photos so I have made a small slide show in the previous post to highlight some of their lovely work All the dolls are impeccably made with great artistic flair and attention to detail.

The exhibition is showing art the Bottle Brush Gallery at the Maryborough Information Centre on Gympie Road Tinana

Dolls with Attitude

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Fabric in Store

Indigo dyeing is extensively practiced in Asian countries It is the colour of choice for farmers and princes alike What better choice of image to print over a beautiful Shibori dyed fabric than a wonderful buddhist blessing and a golden Mandalas  This fabric is a 100% Colorado stretch knit Its a quality fabric suitable for easy sew garments. It is named "Sacred Indigo" and can be found in my Congo Store

Also "Flying high" which is pictured in my previous post is 100% homespun cotton This print is 112cm x .5 metre and is bargained priced at only $10.00

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Indigo The Queen of Dyes

Lack of Sunshine and a few other disruptions to my studio have meant that sun printing is not an option right now. So I have revisited my old friend "Indigo" This is my very favourite dye to use on its own or combined with other dye types Indgo is indeed the reigning Monarch. In the old world of  Asia, and Africa natural indigo was used and indeed in many provinces is still today. I had a lovely time back in 1992 visiting all the tiny provinces in Thailand where this dye stuff is the life blood of the artisans Whole villages were developed around one type of craft, dyeing, basket making, pottery , paper making and many more. The visits to the indigo and weaving villages were my favourite. It was incredible to watch the women and men tying the threads for Ikat weaving I have never seen hands move so fast in my life Then to watch these tiny intricate patterns emerge on the weaving loom was nothing short of amazing.
Anyway I had better stop rambling my in  indigo pieces I have used Shibori The Japanese term for tie dye and then I will print on some of the pieces. I have completed one small half metre of homespun with my honeyeater design

There is more information about Indigo and a recipe on my website in the Techniques page, just scroll down past the Sun print info and you will find it

Friday, April 16, 2010

Half Metre Homespuns on Sale

Normally I sell a half metre print of Homespun 100% cotton prints for $15.00 each but I have decided to put them on Sale at $10.00 each or all three for $25.00 Thats an absolute bargain because a one metre print of homespun sells for $25.00 normally.Postage is extra If you would like to buy these three prints visit my Congo Store also why not check out the other lovely products by other Crafty Mamas while you are there

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Fabrics in Congo Cart

Seems like a long while since I have posted or even printed School Holidays my beginning a new relationship and some medication woes concerning my daughters Autism all contributed to a slight hiccup in the flow of things However I'm back!
I recently purchased some lovely Colorado 100% cotton knit suitable for tops t's and any other projects requiring a good quality stretch cotton. I have completed two and added to the shop I have another on the table I am planning to print more Koi on that I intend to purchase some more tomorrow and complete a couple more next week Anyway pop in and have a look at my shop and also check out the lovely bargains other wonderful Crafty Mamas have in their stores! 

 Julie Ann

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Last of the Lycra

This is the very last piece of the special buy lycra I had it is only 56 cm I have just listed it to my Congo Cart at the special price of $10.00 normally I would charge $12.00 to $15.00 for printing a half metre but I had a slight misprint on a tiny turtle in one corner easy to cut around and it is enough to make a top or a child's dress as it is 150cm wide. I am planning to make a bulk order of Stella from Crafty Mama's Shop when I have enough $ saved. It is quite a lot dearer than what I paid for the lycra I had and I was wondering if people would be willing to pay $30 a metre If I dyed and printed it? It is what I would have to charge to make it worth my while.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Screen Printing Heaven

A big thank you to all those lovely Crafty Mamas who have been buying my fabric Not since Uni have I had the glorious excuse to print metre after metre of fabric and indulge my passion for playing with designs and all those beautiful colours For me printing is the most lovely occupational therapy I could indulge myself in I am never so happy than when I am surrounded by pots of colour falling over screens and wiping printing ink in my hair (Yep I'm a messy worker, But I am meticulous on the textile) I just trash my surroundings!

I have just added three more fabrics to my Congo Cart stall In the Crafty Mamas Marketplace. Two more to come tomorrow!

Monday, March 22, 2010

All a bit Fishy

This is the second fabric from my new screens it is a winter weight brushed twill printed with Mandalas and goldfish it is 150cm's wide and is a good weight for winter skirts trousers or even for bags or anything that needs a good sturdy fabric I am stocking this and the turtles in Crafty Mamas Marketplace tonight!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

New designs

I have been making new screens and here is the first fabric I have finished It is 2 generous metres of medium weight twill 100% cotton I have called it Tiny Turtles in the EAC I will post them to my congo shop when I have finished the other fabrics I am printing I have a new goldfish design and some Buddhist prayers to print too. I just love the look of the script in these lovely blessings

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not your Usual Softie!

Well I have made my softie for the 12 in 12 Challenge at Carolyns My Favourite Blog. She is a doll but not your usual softie doll She is a soft sculpture that is part of my body of work I am doing for my Masters in Visual Art. I have this year to complete and it will be the end of that journey. She has been machine embroidery (free Motion) I used my treadle for this because it is the best free motion machine I have ever used and because the physical activity of treadling seems to breathe a life into the embroidery. I have a blog to document my last days of my journey with the masters and my dolls.

New On Line Store@Congocart!

Pssssst! a new store opened last night! Not only does it sell exclusive hand printed fabric from Rainbows End Studios , but it also includes a wonderful variety of items from other creative talented mamas!
Whiz on over to buy that exclusive piece of clothing or that special one off gift! A wonderful variety of stores are included under the Crafty Mama's banner go and check it out You wont be disappointed!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rock and Roll Night

Well Rock and Roll Night at the Boonooroo Bowls Club was great Here is are pics of the outfits I made for my girls Molly in her 50's poodle skirt and Sian in her Hippie Chick Rock gear!

Molly rock and rolling with Trev

I screen printed the fabric for the lower frill on Sian's Bell bottoms, I printed the peace sign on her t-shirt and was lucky enough to pick up the satin vest with the music notes at an op shop She looked totally cool and is still wearing the t-shirt and vest around this morning!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

March Crafty Mamas Challenge

Crafty Mamas had a challenge for March to recreate something from the decade of your birth! YES! I AM THAT OLD! LOL! I decided to make a poodle skirt as the local club is having a Rock and Roll night next weekend I made it for Molly The thought of expanding backside further with all that petticoats was not an attractive vision. I made the skirt with fleecy it was the closest thing I could find as an inexpensive alternative to felt. Felt is what they were usually made of in the 50's. I screen printed on the poodle and used a piece of beaded ribbon so kindly sent to me by Gem in the February stash swap! The belt is made from some black block out it is plastic backed and very sturdy I inserted some eyelets and threaded it with black ribbon. The underskirt is made from a layered white skirt I found in the oppie I just added ruffles of tulle I also found in the oppie I am so glad I have a lovely ruffle foot It came with my Singer 222k Featherweight. However I find it easier to use on my trusty treadle! The collared top so typical of the 50's also came from the oppie! A perfect find ! Because of all the oppie finds the whole thing cost a grand total of $9.00 I just now have to dye a silk bandanna for her to tie around her neck! Sian has ordered a 60's hippie chick outfit so I had better get moving on that now!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Knit Challenge

Here is my finished project for the February Knit Challenge I actually finished it two weeks ago and the outfit was for Sian However she refused to model for me So I finally got Molly to agree to a photo shoot I have made it from dyed stockingette which is 100% rayon knit It is a beautiful fabric and I actually sell it from my website
for crafty people to dye and print It is a beautiful fabric very inexpensive fully manufactured in Australia It has a lovely drape and is cool and light to wear. I dyed it first with a direct dye then I printed the humming birds and butterflies on it The humming birds have been hand coloured with diluted sun print dyes They are very versatile and can be used just for painting on fabric One does not have to always process them in the sun They are simply fixed by ironing . This dress was inspired for the Chinese New Year I used the little toggle buttons at the neck as a decoration  and on the back as buttons. They were sprayed with purple sun print so they would match the dress.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sun Printing Workshop

We had a successful day Sun Printing at Boonooroo On Sunday 22nd February The weather seemed a little dicey on the day before so I set up alternative processing lights just in case we need to use them Thankfully after one small shower of rain we had wonderful sunshine and were able to continue the fun
Five ladies attended two painters a quilter, a scrap booker, and a graphic designer. They worked on a variety of media including, canvas, fabric, paper, wood and acetate We had a lovely shared lunch lots of lively conversation and altogether had a very inspiring and satisfying day

 Some of the ladies have asked me to teach them screen printing in a couple of months That should be a good workshop too.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Little Mim Giveaway

This doll is 10 inches tall, made with cotton tricot and Hilco knit, stuffed with carded wool and her hair is a beautifully soft cashmerino aran. Her hair is styled. Her dress and pettiskirt are removable.
Isn't she beautiful?
Designed and handmade by Curls at The Handmaiden Blog spot
You could win this little darling for your chance to do so; follow the link and leave a comment!
But stand in line because I'm dying to win her!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Is it TuTu Much?

When my lovely daughter spotted some crystal organza in a fabric shop, she asked "Mum could you please make me a TuTu?"
Molly suffers Aspergers and has been the subject of bullying all her life, so I was a little worried at making her something that was so different to what most 13 year olds wanted to wear. My 12 year old just snorted and said "don't you dare make me one!" Molly loves pretty things and just loves to dance I knew the locals at the bowls club where we go to dance and socialize on weekends would be supportive They just love Molly and are in awe of her dancing skills. So for a week I was immersed in mountains of frothy frills while I endeavored to work out how to make this. I found a whole lot of fabric in my stash that I could use including the yellow satin, which I promptly screen printed my butterflies on in blended colours.I had no real pattern so had to work it out as I went .
I adapted the bodice from a 70's dress pattern that I had making it longer and adding the lacing and tulle at the back
The ruffles were made from the organza and some small pieces of yellow tulle that I already had I edged the tulle with satin ribbon to give it a nicer finish.
Thank god for my ruffler attachment or I would never have attempted this! It made life easier!
I made a sash from the organza to go around the hips attached by small loops
Finally I luckily had and off cut of yellow lycra I made the tights with and used some of the yellow satin to make the ties on the legs.

Molly loves it and can hardly wait to wear it to the Valentines Dance at the club next week end!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Reusable 5cm drafting paper

How to make your own 5cm Reusable Drafting Graph Paper
This is a simple idea to make drafting paper that you can write on with a white board marker and wipe clean to use over and over again.

Recently at the oppie I came across a beautiful book Little Clothes for Little People by Lia van Steenderen Printed in 1987 by Exley.
The book cost me all of two dollars and was full of gorgeous children’s clothes patterns
displayed, via 5cm grids.
Now for the dilemma, apart from the fact I could not buy grid paper in that size locally and after paying such a low amount for the book I was not in the mood to pay for a stack of paper. I certainly did not want to go to the bother to draw up a grid for every pattern piece either (Not on my list of favourite things to do!).
So got the old grey matter churning and purchased a roll of contact. I actually bought two, one was marked with squares and numbers and lots of writing on the back; however the other one was marked in red squares only in blocks of 45 x 50 cms Perfect!

Number the small squares across the top and down the sides of the paper It will make it easier to rule up.

5 x5 of these red squares make a 5cm block
Rule up your squares in a contrasting pen colour

Cut another piece of contact 45cm x 51 cm. Allow your self a little extra to line up the plastic with your paper base.

Use a ruler to help adhere the contact evenly to the paper a few small creases make very little difference so don’t panic if your first one is not perfect. Trim any excess contact at the edges.

Draw up your pattern piece

Trace off your pattern
You can use tracing
Paper I actually use
vilene I find it more durable

Wipe clean and start again with the next piece 

These are so quick and inexpensive to make. Make up at least 4 and you can sticky tape them together to draw up larger patterns.
Also they just roll up and store in a draw until you need them

I am going to make up a whole lot of those lovely patterns Hope this helps you too


Monday, February 1, 2010

Are You Ready?

Well I have drawn the winner I actually did it at 2o'clock this morning because I could not sleep! I cut up bits of paper and numbered them from 1 to 20 put them in a container......shook em all up.......and drew out.............number 11! Going back to the list of comments and counting...........................MoederKip  !!!!!
congratulations Nat!!!! I will be contacting you shortly!

I wish I could have drawn everyone You all left such lovely comments thank you! Don't feel too sad if you missed out i will have another giveaway in a few weeks


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Larger View of Honeyeater Fabric