Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Fabrics in Congo Cart

Seems like a long while since I have posted or even printed School Holidays my beginning a new relationship and some medication woes concerning my daughters Autism all contributed to a slight hiccup in the flow of things However I'm back!
I recently purchased some lovely Colorado 100% cotton knit suitable for tops t's and any other projects requiring a good quality stretch cotton. I have completed two and added to the shop I have another on the table I am planning to print more Koi on that I intend to purchase some more tomorrow and complete a couple more next week Anyway pop in and have a look at my shop and also check out the lovely bargains other wonderful Crafty Mamas have in their stores! 

 Julie Ann


  1. They are stunning Julie. One day I am gonna get me some of those gorgeous hummingbirds...but perhaps I should use the fabric that I have first :P Then again, maybe not :)