Monday, March 28, 2011

The Inspirational Blogger Award

Wow!! I'm honored Carol and Stacy from Intentional Conscious Parenting have bestowed this award on me! Its fabulous Thank you so much Go and visit their blog its informative and inspirational! I love visiting and reading all they have to say! Now I must choose three myself Wow! thats hard I read so many wonderful blogs!
1. Original Art By Griselda This ladies beautiful Spirit dolls inspire and delight me I am just venturing into this area of textiles now and would love to one day create anything nearly as wonderful

2.Sacred Arts I love this ladies work It is colourful and joyous and I just love to visit and soak up all the auras!

3. Beaute Beads  Ok you can accuse me of being biased here but this charming beautiful 14 year old with Aspergers Syndrome is talented, focused and full of creative flair She is my own beautiful daughter who works so hard to overcome obstacles that others can only guess at! She has created her blog and her own little creative business all by herself! She is my inspiration!

Congratulations all and don't forget to pass on the love by choosing your three deserving winners!

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  1. Hello Julie, I've looked all over for an email address to email my address to you and I'm unable to find it. Can you send me a direct email. Thanks! Great choices on who to pass on your award to.
    Namaste, Carol