Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me :)

Today is my 55th Birthday Wow 40 years ago I never considered what it would be like to get to here Now I am I don't feel any older well that is stretching it a bit because after five kids a divorce and two failed relationships guess I really am 55. For the people who personally know me they know that this has been one hell of a year for me, one I never want to go through ever again Today marks the end of that time for me and the beginning of a new chapter, In a few short weeks the girls and I are heading on our way to Darwin , forever the gypsy I will make towards our northern shores to the place I love best in this country and to a new life.
Getting back to the birthday I have been spoiled my children gave me these lovely presents this morning Well Molly, Naomi and darling granddaughter Lila did. My Siani is cooking me a birthday cake for her gift to me and I got loving daughter hugs all round  Molly gave me the lovely ladybird tea service Lila a lovely glass box with a silver gecko on it (Just right for my Motherpeace tarot cards) Naomi gave me the most beautiful pewter key with a fairy on it On the box is inscribed;
In a glade within the woods 
there is a place that may be found
at a certain time 
on a special day you may 
discover it, so they say
a secret garden hidden so well
that only the fairies know
where to dwell
so use this key and keep a close eye
so that maybe one day
you'll find where they play
This is so delightful I am going to use it as a key ring for my new home in Darwin.

Another Birthday Goodie I got last night was my cushion cover from the Punky and Me 2011 Cushion swap
 I absolutely love this cushion it is so bright and cheerful It came across the pond from New Zealand from Greta from ON TOP OF A LILY PAD blogspot. I cant believe its the first cushion cover she has ever made and although she says the small floating heart is to cover a blemish ion the fabric I love it from a design angle All the best designs are born of a need to be inventive. Thank you Greta How lucky am I to get this in time for my birthday

Speaking of Cushion swaps Kylie from A Little Red Dress has posted a pic of the one I sent her I received the message this morning thank you Kylie for letting me know and I stole the pic of hers as you know I forgot to take pics before it left all the lovely embellishments on the photo are done by Kylie.

Well I am off to enjoy the rest of my day :)

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  1. So glad your cushion arrived & you love it! And a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery belated Happy Birthday! ;)