Monday, April 9, 2012

Next BYGSP Back Yard Guide To Screen Printing

The next instalment is almost ready to go I intend to post it on Wednesday Night.
In the meantime if you are following it You may want to join a little artists network group I have called The Rainbow Cafe It is a place where artists can discuss things and post examples of their work! I have started a blog post where you can ask questions during your progress you may also post pics to your own albums of your efforts as you learn.
The Cafe has been a little quiet of late as I have been busy elsewhere It would be nice to have some new members and discussions happening
Regards Julie

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  1. I have to apologise this will not be up tonight the page I made was huge something went wrong with my file and some how only half was saved I have to re write the rest of it but I promise it will be posted tomorrow night... Thursday! I hope I have not put anyone out too badly. The next issue is quite large as I wanted to get you printing quickly