Monday, February 11, 2013

Exclusive Vat Dyes Now Available In Australia!!

For some time in this country I have been trying to get hold of some vat dyes, mainly Indigosol and Indanthren. I had briefly seen them in operation at art school by the students in the year ahead of us. They were fazed out by the time it became our turn. After years of trying to track them down only to find original suppliers had gone out of business or sold up to someone else who never restocked I gave up and bought from overseas! I purchased Indigosol from India and Indanthren from Denmark and I was not disappointed!!!! They are divine!!!.

For dyers who are familiar with Indigo dyeing you will love this process It is Indigo in a spectrum of colours!, and is very possible to achieve the same beautiful oxidation marks.
The process is fabulous for batik as they are are cold process are boil proof and will not run even in a mixed dyebath, in other words you can over dye yellow or red in a bath of blue with no contamination of the colours it is also possible to add white fabric to the dyebath as well and get a true blue! A perfect medium for workshops.

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