Sunday, October 12, 2014

Introducing the Chakra Prints

Being a lover of rainbows I am naturally drawn to the symbols of the chakras, as they are basically a rainbow, a rainbow that is related to the seven energy centres of the body. Radiating from the base of the spine to the top of the head, the colours echo the colours of the rainbow, beginning with red and ending with violet.
There is an abundance of information on the web of how to align and balance your chakras I am not here to tell you how to do that, only to say with my love of the rainbow and a a recent urge to work within small round motifs I have been inspired to create this series. I have not attempted to explain all my use of symbolism here or provided information on all of the imagery, it will be better for the beholder to explore the journey for themselves. All these fabrics, plus and 8 pack of 27 cm x 50 cm, crafting pieces will be available in my stores by the end of this week.
1. Red or Magenta also known as Muladhara, The Root Chakra 

The foundation, representing the element of earth, it is related to our physical grounding and is the seat of the Kundalini, it gives you strength and determination, is grounding and encourages survival within the physical realms. There is a touch of green as the complementary colour, it inclusion is to stop the total domination of the base colour and provide a balance, as is the inclusion of the crown chakra colour (one end of the spectrum with the other)
2. Orange,  Savadhistthana, Sacral Chakra
Related to the element of water, this chakra is located in the lower back, abdomen and sexual organs.
It connects us to others through, feelings, desire and movement.
It gives us sensations of grace, fluidity. fulfillment, movement and gives us the flexibility to accept changes in our lives. I have included blue as the complimentary of orange to give balance.
3. Yellow, Manipura, or Solar Plexus
The Chakra that rules our personal power, located near the stomach, it also rules our metabolism
gives energy and creative inspiration I have used its complimentary colour, violet as its balance.
4. Green, Anahata, Heart Chakra.
Related to love, can also be represented by the colour pink, as included in my design, also pink is a shade of the colour red and the complimentary of green. It symbolises trust, personal ego, compassion and harmony. 
5. Blue, Vishudha, Throat Chakra

Symbolising communication, which is why I have included the imagery of music, all forms of communication, via the throat. The speaking of truth. The complimentary of blue is orange.

6. Indigo, Anja, Third Eye Chakra

Located in the centre of the forehead, allows the recognition of spiritual wisdom and seeing truth, its complimentary is a shade of orange as provided by the star images.

7. Violet, Sahasrara, Crown Chakra

Represents, knowledge and enlightenment, is located at the top of the head. Relates to awareness and consciousness, deals with perfection and unity of the soul, also includes the addition of of white which symbolises clear vision and purity. The complimentary of violet is yellow.

The Spectrum

This is a familiar colour choice for me, the whole rainbow. I used all my images and all the chakra symbols in its execution and finally calmed the riot with peaceful white doves! White is the combination of all the spectrum as one knows a rainbow is white light separated into seven components.

So comes the end of my journey, it is now your turn to own a piece that you are particularly drawn to, that maybe the chakra you need to develop for yourself. Or maybe you will need the crafting pack of eight with the 100% homespun cotton pieces being perfect for lets say, bunting, softies, features on clothing, or even framed as art pieces? Were ever your creativity takes you. Stay tuned for the stocking of the shop on October 16th.