Saturday, November 7, 2009

Goth Ella Now On Madeit

Goth Ella is a unique individual who lives deep in the Indigo Forest in Amethyst Castle with her family. However due to tough economical times her family has had to take in borders to make ends meet and provide upkeep to the castle. Goth Ella has found that living with the noisy pack of werewolves that took up the border offer, to be too much to live with. They are awake all night especially at full moon They hold very noisy parties that are advertised on the net and attracts all the less desirable inhabitants of the Indigo forest.Goth Ellas Uncle described the art of couch surfing to her so now she has decided to venture out in the world to experience it on a budget! She would like to come and visit you! Have you got a nice comfy couch where she can rest up for awhile?

She is no trouble makes no noise and is extremely neat and after the initial outlay she will bring you hours of free pleasure of her company.

Ella is made from new and recycled materials She is wearing clothes made by Rainbows End Studios with the custom signature wings printed on the back of her top. She is a designer doll and is not suitable for small children because of the beading on her clothing and small eye and nose studs.

To give Goth Ella a couch to surf on go to Rainbows end Studios on Madeit

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