Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Printing Up a Storm!

Or in one? Its been so hot and steamy lately but I managed to get some printing done despite the rain. I had to rig up an exposure light to make myself some new screens as the last few days have been devoid of sunlight. I have been playing around with some mandala designs I like the look of the way they print so I may make up some more.
i have decided to sell these hand prints from my studio site so stay tuned for some changes in the studio shop soon. Each piece is hand-dyed then free screened I used single motif screens and place them were the urge takes me So each piece is composed just like a painting No two pieces of the fabric are ever the same each is unique and individual in its own right Its own piece of original art.
I am going to print up some other dyed lengths including a stash of indigo I have made in the past These will be available in one and two metre lengths The sun-coloured ones are only available in 50cms because of my current facilities which will change in the near future Then I plan to do larger pieces. Humm.... prices? probably about$12 to $15 per 50 cm They are on quality homespun 100% cotton and extra for postage Anyway stay tuned an announcement will be made as soon as they are available in the shop!


  1. Oh Gyps these are gorgeous, you're so clever wished I lived closer as I'd love to try my hand at something like this :)