Sunday, February 7, 2010

Is it TuTu Much?

When my lovely daughter spotted some crystal organza in a fabric shop, she asked "Mum could you please make me a TuTu?"
Molly suffers Aspergers and has been the subject of bullying all her life, so I was a little worried at making her something that was so different to what most 13 year olds wanted to wear. My 12 year old just snorted and said "don't you dare make me one!" Molly loves pretty things and just loves to dance I knew the locals at the bowls club where we go to dance and socialize on weekends would be supportive They just love Molly and are in awe of her dancing skills. So for a week I was immersed in mountains of frothy frills while I endeavored to work out how to make this. I found a whole lot of fabric in my stash that I could use including the yellow satin, which I promptly screen printed my butterflies on in blended colours.I had no real pattern so had to work it out as I went .
I adapted the bodice from a 70's dress pattern that I had making it longer and adding the lacing and tulle at the back
The ruffles were made from the organza and some small pieces of yellow tulle that I already had I edged the tulle with satin ribbon to give it a nicer finish.
Thank god for my ruffler attachment or I would never have attempted this! It made life easier!
I made a sash from the organza to go around the hips attached by small loops
Finally I luckily had and off cut of yellow lycra I made the tights with and used some of the yellow satin to make the ties on the legs.

Molly loves it and can hardly wait to wear it to the Valentines Dance at the club next week end!


  1. thats just beautiful!

    dance away Molly!

  2. Oh, so beautiful Mollie! You look really gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful Molly and her gorgeous tutu!

    You are one wonderful mama. :)

  4. beautiful!!! u done very well, molly looks gorgeous! :)

  5. No wonder Molly loves it. It is divine. Enjoy the dance.

  6. Looks geat and wonderful photos:)

  7. Goodness sakes--that is beautiful! My son has Asperger's too and more power to your beauty!