Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gangsters at Boonooroo

Last Night May 22nd Boonooroo Bowls Club hosted a theme night Gangsters and Mafia This so far has been one of my favourite nights I had the loveliest time sourcing costumes for the family in op shops and making myself a 1920's style dress complete with long gloves feather boa and headdress. My daughter Molly went as Machine Gun Molly a famous bank robber from the fifties My daughter Sian and her Brother Matt were general mob members. They all had a theme of black and red I didn't plan it that way but it seemed everything I found for the costumes fitted that colour scheme. Just great Luck! My partner Troy was the official Machine gun man he mad great machine guns out of bits of pipe and wood an painted them black Originally they all had adult owners apart from Molly's However they were quickly snapped up by all the kids at the club and were a wonderful source of play for them for the rest of the night Of course we had our resident muso James Taylor ( Yes the James Taylor!)  We are lucky enough to have him play at our clubs theme nights as he lives locally

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  1. Wow Julie. You go to so much effort. Everyone looks great!