Saturday, May 29, 2010

Molly's Foofy

In reading the Crafty Mamas Forum last week I found reference to this The skirts looked so good I wanted to try to make one plus the cooler weather has really inspired me to knit lately. So I looked through my stash of yarns and found I had a variety of different types feather, boucle and others I also managed to buy some odds n ends from the op shop. I had to buy some round needles and I had trouble getting the size I needed I paid and downloaded the instruction from Yarns in the Farms but I adjusted things along the way. I did the tension test Knitted a swatch with some yellow machine washable 100% yellow 12 ply. I measured Molly's waist ( sigh so tiny) It said measure how many stitches in a cm and x it by that to get the number of stitches to cast on 66cm = 132 stitches, Anyway I knitted this on the straight for a few cm's  When I had to use a smaller ply I knitted two yarns together ie; I mixed an 8 ply with a 4 ply Also If I had to use a synthetic thread I made sure I used a wool combined with it . I think if I was the the whole thing in a laundry bag it should be ok as the wool I used stated it was machine washable.Then decided to add a flounce as the needles I started with were only a 4 and my larger round were a 12 There was a considerable difference in the tension So I only increased every 10 stitches for a couple of rows and thought the flounce was wide enough. I cast off very loosely and as I found the tension difference in the 12 ply was very loose with the needle size changeover I threaded a ribbon through that row for extra effect

                 I threaded a black ribbon through the holes in the waist rib and threaded some glass beads on the ends I have to say Molly loves it and was very happy to show it off                                  


  1. Love it! Great looking skirt for beautiful Molly. :)

  2. That is such a cool skirt Julie. I must track down that pattern from your link.