Friday, April 8, 2011

Harvest Moon

I have been playing with new images based on Mabon and the change of seasons I am really pleased with this piece of fabric I completed this morning. I printed it using a corn dolly (Made from wheat stalks) a Harvest Moon , St Bridgid's Cross and small wheat stalks These are not my usual colours of choice to print with but I loved the mixing of the autumn tones and the way it all came together. I have decided I'd like to do some more based on the Wheel Of the Year theme Samhain is next and the images and colours of this spoke will be another step away from my usual palette

This fabric was created for a special purpose so has been earmarked to go off somewhere other than The Gypsy Caravan However as soon as the Autumn Sun shows itself here again I will sun dye some more to print and add to my store.


  1. Wow, Julie. That is an amazing print!

  2. Love this art piece and love your philosophy and how your spirit gets expressed ~ over from Blog Frog ~ thanks for participating in my community ~ you are a great addition ^_^