Friday, April 8, 2011

Spoonflower Swatches Arrive

Well after what seems to be an eternity my fat quarters of the Miss Rose's fabric from Spoonflower finally have made their appearance They look OK however the wording on two of them seem to be a little fuzzy I am not sure why Maybe I need to pay closer attention in Photoshop It was exciting to have them finally turn up it seems such a long process. Now what to make? Any Suggestions? I think I will make my motifs smaller and closer together in subsequent designs it really is hard to judge until they are finally printed. Of course doing a print on paper may have shown me this but II was my usual self and in one hell of a hurry to dash something off.
The time involved in the ordering and finally receiving is a bit off putting considering the price of the fabric However I have a new grandson due in June and I think I would like to do some designs especially for him. Something that would be too time consuming for me to do by hand printing


  1. Sad that it took so long to get them Julie but how satisfying to have your own fabrics. Mind you, I love your own printed fabrics...

  2. oh Rose's Garden! how exciting, but such a shame it took so long