Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Up-Cycling Old Jeans

Crafty Mama's had an upcycling jeans challenge The use an old pair of jeans to make something new. Well being the B.T.S. time of the year again I decided in my wisdom (not) to make a pencil case. Well I quickly found out that jeans are put together TOUGH!!! So I back pedalled and decided to use as many of the existing features of the jeans as possible. I still had some tough unpicking to do but not as much! I used existing back and front pockets and the waistband and tabs.  I used some rainbows End Print as the lining and the contrast panels , I inserted a zip and added a magnetic catch as using the waistband made the top opening really deep. Making sure I got all the fabric around the zip, both in the lining and the outer cover was a challenge. I ended up hand stitching it on, then machine top sewed for strength. Molly wanted to take it to TAFE to show her friends so she could take orders for me. That met with a resounding NO! I don't want to make anymore. So I guess its mine.

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