Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Tute Non Slip Non Crappy Mousemat!

Well Its been awhile since I have added anything to my blog. Not that I have been slack in doing stuff its just that I have been slack in blogging about it!
I have been sewing stuff up for artists markets and the artist co-op and having been teaching myself to make patterns in illustrator! Well I started off with Autocad under the instruction of my very I.T. competent son, however I found it painful to use but I used that small amount of knowledge of using cad drawing to teach myself to use Illustrator. I found it fun and even mathematically challenged me! can use it!
I have drawn up a pattern for my frilled tote bag it and a tute will be available for sale for a small price (hey a girl has to make a living) very soon In the meantime I have a couple of freebees to give away;
The first is a simple mousepad I know anyone can draw a square but if your lazy and math challenged like me you prefer a pattern! Plus it makes it easier to make multiples identically. I have done a pattern and tute for a pencil and crayon roll they will be posted very shortly as well There are a lot of tutes availble for these and I made my first one following this lovely ladies tute I made more than one so having to measure up all the time was a pain so I made the pattern!
Anyway back to the mousepad the instructions and download are available from the link on the right hand side
and be on the lookout for new patterns soon
Happy sewing Julie

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