Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Conquering Little Shoes

I have always wanted to make little shoes. I made little crocheted booties for my eldest daughter when she was a baby They had lovely warm lambs skin soles and I shared my Crafts council residency with a shoemaker in Darwin in 1991. I also had a Subiaco market stall with a friend in 1997 She made the most adorable baby shoes from hand dyed leather. So I wanted to try them with Rainbows End Fabric. I saw a pattern by Kwick Sew and was imediately inspired to try....but...I found the pattern fiddly and could not get the hang of the directions, I found this ladies wonderful tute! and liked the idea of the bound sole. So using her ideas I adapted a pattern of my own and Presto!!! Baby shoes!!! Now I am working on a design for a baby boys boot!

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