Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Playing with Vat Dyes

Some time ago I bought myself some Inkodyes from America (Lumi Colour) Those of you who follow Rainbows End on Facebook Would have seen this Image;

 Any how while I was playing with these I had some Indigosol dyes ordered from India I particularly wanted to use vat dyes for the clothing I was producing for my market stall, because they are so coloufast. In doing some research befor the dyes arrival I discovered these dyes where the base of Inkodye, so I have been experimenting!

I used blue because of all my dyes it seemed to have the right light reactivity I think only certian colour codes react to light the other colours react to oxygen, but I have to experiment more to determine this.

Here I have a cut out T-shirt that has been soaked in blue dye and has had a negative and some stencils added. You will note at the point the dye is almost colourless.

Here it is some 20 minutes later and the colour is staring to develop

When the negative is lifted you can see the photo is starting to develop

 The image is clear beneath the little cutout

This is the final result after I have washed out the fabric Of all the indigosol colours I have the blue is the softest I have another colour code in blue so I have yet to try that one but I am also going to double the strength to see if I can get it brighter but all in all I am happy with the result. I have other experiments in mind too stay tuned!

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