Saturday, January 16, 2010

January Meme DONE! :)

Ok Yay! I have completed January's Meme challenge and made something for myself I really needed a couple of aprons for two purposes One for Sun and screen printing Because I have a very bad habit of ruining my clothes and one for cooking  The printing apron (Blue and white gingham) is made from Mexican oil cloth A plastic coated cloth which I purchased from the Crafty Mamas Shop! Wonderful stuff for projects like this. The pink one is for cooking and is made from two tea towels I purchased a cheap bulk pack of linen tea towels last week and picked the two prettiest I added the circled pattern tea towel at the front because I purchased a wonderful Christmas apron from an op shop that had a tea towel like this I love it It is so handy for drying your hands on or the odd spoon while you are cooking. The ties for this apron I also found an idea from a blog somewhere It is one continuous piece threaded through open ended side seams This is great for me as my girls tend to use my aprons too and tie the neck up in undo able knots (Their busts are not as generous as mine) So this is great! it adjusts to the wearer!


  1. Oh nice - I love the oilcloth one!

  2. that attached tea towel is a great idea!
    Joe's work aprons were tied like that!