Thursday, January 14, 2010

Trialing a Buy It Now Button!

After the successful selling spree I had the other night with the very supportive Crafty Mamas I realise my paypal cart on my site was not really supporting one off sales very well. I went into panic mode becuase every time my email registered a sale I had to go into the site management and remove the item manually I was terrified I would get orders in multiples for one off pieces So I temporary closed my site until I can sort out the problem. I have one piece of the 100% cotton lycra left and I thought I would trial a buy it now button on here. If this works I may use it in my online store Otherwise I am going to save my one offs for sales through the Crafty Mamas Congo store that is starting up in February. The rainbows Store will be back online today with Sun Print Dyes and the undyed stockingettes only. I still have a few of the small homespuns for sale however I may save them for the Congo Store If anyone is really keen before then contact me on the email form at the bottom of this blog and I will work something out.

1 comment:

  1. I think it works :)

    Well I just used it and it took me to paypal to complete the sale.

    Now the button is gone from your I think it's all good.